Pinpoint811 logo - intelligent locates management

Prevent damage and reduce headaches 
with an intelligent locates management tool


Automate tasks and slash your locates to-do list in half.

Evaluate, manage, and complete locates tasks in the context of your utility network maps to save time and money without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Reduce risk - with locates requests automatically received, processed, and mapped into a single system, you’ll never miss a ticket and can protect your networks from costly strikes and keep people safe
  • Gain efficiency - see all locates requests overlaid on your network maps, empowering users to effectively review, clear, and assign locates tasks 3x faster and with fewer truck rolls required
  • Track activity - access historical data for auditing user activity and building reports, or as evidence to back up a claim




Reliable, cloud-based architecture for processing locates requests for communications, electric, or other utility networks


Configurable for any 811 or one-call provider, whether you work with one or many in your service area


Filter locates tasks by due date, category, and status


API access to metrics on locates requests and activity

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